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  • "Mayor Of The Honolulu Zoo" Contest Between Orangutan Rusti And Giraffe Squirt

“Mayor of the Honolulu Zoo” contest between orangutan Rusti and giraffe Squirt

HONOLULU – Tuesday is General Election day, and two candidates are vying for the title of “Mayor of the Honolulu Zoo.” The virtual contest between Rusti, the Orangutan, and Squirt, the Reticulated Giraffe, brings attention to the challenges these endangered species face in a fun and timely manner. The candidates are receiving support from fellow zoo animals, whose endorsements are being featured on the Honolulu Zoo’s social media profiles.

Voting in the zoo’s election will take place on Sunday, Nov. 1. To place your vote, visit the Honolulu Zoo’s
Facebook and Instagram. The winner will be announced shortly after. Pictures of the candidate are available at this link:

Candidate profiles:

Rusti, 40, was born in Seattle and spent some time in New Jersey before putting roots down in the Honolulu Zoo. An island boy at heart with ties back to his ancestral home in Indonesia, Rusti truly understands the importance of taking care of his island home. He will use his role as Mayor of the Honolulu Zoo to stop excessive cutting of the rainforest for palm oil, timber, pulp, rubber, mineral extraction and agriculture. He plans to create a safer and more protected jungle home by increasing conservation education in the community and by starting a labeling system locally for forest friendly products. Like his opponent, Squirt, he is committed to planting more yummy trees for browse for everyone.

Squirt, 21, was born and raised at the Honolulu Zoo with strong ties to his roots in the Horn of Africa. After a short stay on Maui, he came home to start working on a plan for his beloved Honolulu Zoo. Squirt will use his unique perspective in his role as Mayor of the Honolulu Zoo to see the issues far and wide that are facing his animal friends and family. He pledges to make a safer environment by protecting animals from poaching, habitat loss and fragmentation, and by committing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment by promoting renewable energy. He is also committed to planting more trees for yummy browse for everyone.


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