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  • Zoo remains optimistic after Japanese giant salamanders' firstfertilization of eggs

MonkeyZoo Remains Optimistic After Japanese Giant Salamanders' Firstfertilization Of Eggs

Zoo remains optimistic after Japanese giant salamanders' first fertilization of eggs

Honolulu -- Staff at the Honolulu Zoo remain optimistic that young Japanese giant salamanders may one day successfully hatch larvae after eggs that were laid and fertilized in late September failed to develop (photo attached).

"While this is obviously disappointing, it is not surprising," said Honolulu Zoo Director Linda Santos. "Our Japanese giant salamanders spawned at a very young age, three years younger than the earliest breeding recorded prior, and it is not uncommon for amphibians breeding so early to produce eggs which lack the necessary building blocks to sustain development. We have been in contact with researcher Yuki Taguchi of the Asa Zoo in Japan who is still very enthusiastic about our chances to produce clutches of baby giant salamanders in the future. Since this is his first time eggs have been fertilized at the Honolulu Zoo, it is also possible that our male Japanese giant salamander may not have perfected his egg-brooding technique."

On November 25 of last year, 57 days after they were laid, keepers at the Honolulu Zoo removed the remaining Japanese giant salamander eggs from the exhibit for examination. Unfortunately, the eggs showed no signs of development and were in various stages of decomposition. The development period for healthy eggs to produce hatchling baby salamanders is around 60 days.

Mr. Taguchi of Asa Zoo has found that once a pair of Japanese giant salamanders have laid and brooded eggs, they usually do it again year after year. The Honolulu Zoo is looking forward to the next breeding season (September through November) with hope and excitement.

Source: City and County of Honolulu News Releaseb

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