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  • LEARN - Culture, Landmarks, Lectures, Workshops, Hawaiiana

LEARN - Culture, Landmarks, Lectures, Workshops, Hawaiiana

There are many great Waikiki resources to the learn, explore and deepen your understanding of Waikiki and many other great topics/subjects


  • Hawaii State Foundation On Culture and The Arts Newsletter Archive

    The Hawai'i State Art Museum is dedicated to presenting the largest and finest collection of works by Hawai'i artists that celebrate the diverse artistic and cultural legacy of Hawai'i.
    550 South Kings Street2nd Floor, Honolulu, HI (View Map)
  • Mayor's Office Of Culture & The Arts Honolulu (MOCA) Newsletters
    The mission of MOCA is to promote the value of arts and culture throughout communities in the City and County of Honolulu. MOCA's objectives are to attain per-eminence in culture and the arts; to perpetuate the artistic and cultural heritages of its entire people; to promote a community environment, which provides equal and abundant opportunity for exposure to culture and the arts in all its forms; and to encourage and provide equal opportunity for the development of culture and the artistic talents of the people of Honolulu.
    550 South Kings Street2nd Floor, Honolulu, HI (View Map)

  • Waikiki Learning and Education
Culture/History of Waikiki
If you'd like to learn more about the history of Waikiki and Hawaii, what better way to check out our listing and head out to some of the cultural and historical hot spots in Waikiki.

From the complimentary cultural programs offered by Waikiki hotels to checking out the quaint historical museums in this neighborhood, Waikiki openly shares its history to anyone who's interested. More...
Historic Sites
Take a stroll along Waikiki and you'll find many historic spots that help define this neighborhood's character. From the War Memorial Natatorium, Kapiolani Park to the US Army Museum, Waikiki has a lot of history to share with it's historic sites. Check out our list of Waikiki's Historic Sites to help you get started. More...
While you're out shopping and dining in Waikiki, don't forget to look around at Waikiki's famous landmarks. From the Ala Wai Boulevard, Diamond Head, to the Honolulu Zoo and Kapiolani Park, there's so much richness and beauty to appreciate in Waikiki. Here's a list of what landmarks you should check out. More...
Waikiki Historic Trail
Take a stroll along Waikiki's Historic trail and Walk in the footsteps of Hawaii's royalty and most famous residents. From Kapiolani/Waikiki Beach to Kalakaua Park and everything in between, you'll learn so much about the history of Waikiki. Check out our guide to Waikiki's Historic Trail and take that first step! More...
Ethnic & Cultural Learn
See Waikiki in a different light by checking out some of its ethnic and cultural places. Browse through our list below to help you get started. Waikiki highlights a lot of Hawaii's rich history and culture so be sure to take some of that in while staying in Waikiki! More...
Hawaiiana - Learn
Many Waikiki hotels and shops offer a variety of classes such as lei making, Hawaiian language lessons, hula lessons, ukulele classes and other interesting pieces of Hawaiian culture. Check out our listing below and pick which class you'd like to sign up for! More...
Lectures & Workshops
Many of Waikiki's hotels and museums offer workshops and lectures that help you learn more about the rich culture of this neighborhood and of these islands. Check out our list below to see what workshops are offered and sign up today! More...

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