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  • Mayor Caldwell Meets With Mayor Elect Blangiardi To Discuss Transition Plans

Mayor Caldwell meets with Mayor Elect Blangiardi to discuss transition plans

HONOLULU- Mayor Kirk Caldwell met with Mayor Elect Rick Blangiardi twice in the past two weeks to discuss plans for the upcoming transition to a Blangiardi administration. The meetings will continue to be held on a regular basis throughout the next month and a half.

"It is essential that Mayor Elect Blangiardi and his cabinet have all the information they need to make sure they're fully prepared to govern on day one of his administration," said Mayor Caldwell. "I look forward to continuing to work with the Mayor Elect and his team to provide the full picture of what's being done to address the most pressing issues facing O‘ahu."

"The meetings with Mayor Caldwell have been productive and I appreciate his time and candor with me on all the issues my team and I will face." Mayor-Elect Blangiardi said. "We look forward to continued conversations with the Mayor as we all work together for a smooth transition between our administrations."

Topics discussed in the meetings include the administration's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the plan to expend remaining CARES funds before December 31. Also discussed was the plan to fill political appointee positions. Each department will be preparing a briefing book, to be filled with appropriate information on departmental projects that will continue into the new administration.

In addition, Managing Director Roy Amemiya met with the presumptive Managing Director Appointee Michael Formby. The two will meet twice a week going forward, to discuss transition plans, and the upcoming fiscal year 2022 budget.

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